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Shokugeki No Soma - Food Wars 232 Release - I must admit, I did have a good laugh at some of the things shown in previous chapter, such as the moment with hinako, the moment with alice and ryō and the moment with megumi, sōma and takumi huddled up was a bit funny as well. But besides just the comedy, I quite liked seeing sōma sticking it to momo about not underestimating them and it will be good to see the look on her face, when one of her team loses. Speaking of that though, it would be even better if momo herself was to lose, but I just have some trouble seeing that happen, considering that megumi is her opponent. But who knows, maybe she will actually manage to come out on top. Plus on another note, the bit with sōma and sōmei was pretty nice and I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen in their match. Finally the real teamwork is about to shine! Ryo made the compassion that erina is acting more like alice. The comedy was on point and kojiro girl-friends would like to have a word with him. Its bring life to the ship between kojiro and hinako or kojiro and mizaharu but I prefer kojiro and hinako.

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You could read the latest and hottest shokugeki no soma 232 manga. Im actually start thinking that the reason why megumi go straight challenged momo is because she has strategy to counter that patissier loli. I did not feel that. Momo is looking down at her but I think megumi learned something about herself and wants to compete. I think momo is gonna get taken down hard by "The worst one" to show her humility. It's funny, the "Worst" one taking down the 3rd seat of all people. Megumi hype! Hope it pays off and she indeed crushes momo. If you have anything to share regarding shokugeki no soma 232 predictions or shokugeki no soma 232 spoilers, please leave every of your message at the comment section.

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Shokugeki no Soma 232: Soma have more mental strength than all the elite 9 together, that why isshiki fear our mc so much, he knows when soma get at the same level of skills as he is, he will have no chance! So nene lost to soma for going with traditional without thinking what is the best to do, but her level as a cooker is far beyond soma.
Eizan didn't show a true power on his shokugeki against soma, so will be a close match, and will hurt eizan creative power! That will show how much takumi has grown up.
Megumi also will leave a scar on momo, that will have to figth next event in the same day.
So rindo don't have any condition to have a shokugeki in the same day, so eishi will be there to make a 3v3.
As the rebels have only 3 soldiers, erina will send issiki who is the best of what they have now to face eishi, soma to fight momo, so erina will rip of eizan, and be ready to face eishi even more weak than before on the next day!( if they need to) next day will have a 2x2, erina without no scars against very weak eishi, and soma against a weak rindou. That can be the end of the series, but I doub it since we dind see the best from soma specialty. So soma will face a very very weak eishi, with his all to protect his father, his friends and the school who he learn to love. Finally revealing his true specialty that I would guess as "Dinner stuffed food" with the main ingredient as eggs.

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Seeing the first years collaborate together on their dishes was so cool. Haven't felt this excited since the reveal of the rebel team. This is what I thought the entire regimental shokugeki was going to do; have them collaborate on all their dishes. I never thought they were gonna do one on one and then move to more teamwork dishes. Wow megumi chose to fight momo, did not expect that resolve coming from her. This was a much more well constructed chapter than what we've seen recently imo as it retains the comedic elements that drew us into shokugeki but also capitalises on the stakes of the 3rd bout.