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Shokugeki No Soma - Food Wars 225 Release - Despite how I previously felt about subaru, I actually liked him in this chapter and it was good to see that he'd actually made his copying technique that much better than before. Plus now that we've seen subaru shining well in this chapter, I actually think he might have a good chance of winning his battle against sōmei. But besides just the subaru parts, the bits with terunori were alright and while I'd still love to see terunori win his match with eishi and knock him down a peg, I still have doubts about him winning. Plus since I can't see rindō losing her match and also since I'm having trouble seeing terunori beating eishi, it seems like subaru may end being the only win for the rebels. The perfect trace flash! Happy it no longer takes a whole few days to get up to his opponents level. Though the rebels seem to be in quite a good position here, I think that total victory is incredibly unlikely and rindou and eishi losing won't happen. I actually think the rebels might all lose here, and ishiki will have to beat saito because he will take it seriously for a change.

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Read Shokugeki no Soma Chapter 225 English in high quality scan and for  Free and No Registration required! Anyways, kuga seems to be trying to win not for himself, but for the rebels in general. I like that. Everyone was expecting tsukasa to stomp kuga, but the author is doing an excellent job at hyping kuga up to a point where I genuinely think it could go either way. I still think tsukasa would stomp kuga. It wouldn't make sense for yukihira to have lost to him earlier on otherwise. They're just setting him up to be the super op final boss. I think if tsukasa loses then rindou will lose it and become the op final boss purely because her cooking skill is unknown compared to tsukasa. We have a measure of tsukasa's capabilities, we've seen his cooking skill frequently in action. This is also the first time seeing teamwork in action for the rebels. Lastly it fits kuga's character arc to bring down tsukasa but it's done in an unconventional way because he's doing it for the team rather than being self absorbed about it.

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The reason why Subaru still traces his opponents is because it's his gimmick to do so. He could obviously cook on his own but it wouldn't really be his character if he doesn't uses his gimmick and it's unnecessary for him to have learning moment of "to better himself" because that's not a problem he's dealing with which wouldn't fit in the story now if you get what i'm saying. Tsukasa isn't a "too cool for school" character because then you're implying he thinks of himself as the best and better than anyone else which isn't true. He's just selfish and cares only about his own cooking and doesn't recognize/ acknowledge everyone he meets unless they leave a impression which piques his own interest. I do agree that it would take much more than a jack hammer for Kuga to get to Tsukasa and for him to actually acknowledge his existence which I do believe will be the end result for their match but ultimately I doubt he'll win. Kuga will finally get the acknowledgement he longed for but also loses his match against Tsukasa in the process since Tsukasa is starting to see Kuga differently and not the same he normally has from what the end of the chapter kinda implied.